On Design: A Matter of Thought

The word design is a very ambiguous word these days! It is bandied around in everything that we do, including the human body, which by the way is perfect with all its imperfections!

Frank Spillers in his blog, demystifying usability, gives some 10 definitions of design in the context of usability. Ideo, a global design firm captured my imagination many years ago, with their simple tagline, “…we create impact through design”. And I love the way they introduce their design through their concepts – my current fascination is with their idea of Nelson, the future of the book, based on 3 simple concepts, which has evolved through deep thought. And their products are not designed just for branding the product, but, for “inspiration” (when you have a look at what they have done, you will feel inspired, and thus know what I mean). There is beauty in the lines of each of their product.

Design is a simple thought giving way to action. Or is it? Whatever be it, design has changed the course of history in more ways than one, good as well as bad. Better medical instruments have helped in the portability of  instruments to places that were inaccessible. Whereas, better designed ammunition since the days of guns and cannons, has caused more destruction than appreciation (except now when they line the walls of museums).

Prof. M P Ranjan, has a blog that invites all Indians to be participative in “Design for India“. His blog on, Design for Good Governance: A Call for Change, certainly takes design into a very different realm!

What got me started thinking on design was my “thinking chair” which led me to Jean Prouvé, who has been known as the poetics of the technical objects, (check out his industrial line designs)and is said to, “…… never sought to evolve his own unique style but consistently sought logical answers to desired functions and the available means for their realisation.” (What  a beautifully designed string of words to describe someone)

There may be many more such interesting and fantastic people whose ideas on design evoke and inspire, (feel free to share here), but as design is meant to be simple and for you to realize the potential of design in all walks of life, I leave you with a  beautifully designed definition of design in 41 answers!