Is it Really New Technology or just Enhancements?

I don’t want to sound like a damp squib or a wet blanket, but these days many people talk about “new technology” for the coming years. What I would like to know is what is so great in its “newness”?

Call phones or mobiles when they first hit the market were revolutionary in what it did to communications. But the technology itself wasn’t that “new”, or was it? Given that we had the telephone for many decades before that, given that we had the concept of talking over long distances, and when that was first realized and developed- that was really a new technology based on a new and revolutionary concept! Haven’t we just added, developed, advanced, enhanced that same technology? Not being a very “technical telecommunications person” yes granted I would not know the finer points to this concept, but as a lay person, it does strike me as odd to call any new enhancement as “new technology”!

One of the Google+ headlines reads – Technology of 2012-2040- What can we Expect? – You’ll be amazed Brian Krassenstein makes a very interesting statement, “Instead the progress over the coming ten years will be exponentially more than the last ten years. With the current growth trends, Google+ also will see tremendous growth if they continue to innovate.” He talks about “the progress” based on innovation. And yes I agree here that all advancements so far made have their advantages and disadvantages, but progress has been made (though I wonder at the cost of what?).

Telecommunication has certainly changed life for the better and at times even the worst! Better in terms of the speed of response and reaction. Worst, when it seems to intrude into one’s space, often with great rudeness. But one thing is sure in the coming years – life will be very very Digital. Our parents generation may find it difficult, as they do so with very hesitancy. If you are aged and have shaky fingers, I dread to think how the aged manage to work the ATMs to withdraw money- given the time limit you are allowed to punch in keys and passwords!

However, given the vast usage of cell phones/mobiles, and the upward surge in what is touted as Smartphones/Smart devices, advancement and enhancements in this area will be astronomical. The Customer is King, and the Demand is soon surpassing Supply!

For the coming years, what I do wish for is that we may progress, but with consideration to all sections of the population.

As I kid I used to love to watch the Star Trek series, and if you watch a few, they were already meeting new species in 2012. But so far, we only seem to have killed off several species on our own planet Earth, and have yet, “to travel where no man has gone before”. Granted we have made a few baby steps onto our neighboring planets, but not what they had predicted through the series. Unless of course, the “you-know-whos” have decided to be secretive about their ventures, and kept such secrets hidden from us. A few have predicted the coming technologies for the future (mind you, I do not say, of the future).
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Sanjay Bojan in his blog, New Technology 2012 – Most Anticipated This year

We, however, need to keep in mind the changing meaning of the word “technology” itself and its applications in various fields. Biotech, biochem, are streams of knowledge that are opening new vistas, but I hope there are people who are also documenting the “history of these changing movements”, as has been documented by those who have documented the changing technology of our ancestors, who study how humans have changed the landscape ever since they became bipeds and started use tools.